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October 13, 2009
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Teen Titans OC
Jesse “Tech” Takara Gearsworth A.K.A Volt

Age: 18
Nationality: American; half Japanese
Height: 5’3
Weight: 110lb
Bust: Size C
Hair: Brown, shoulder length with azure lightning streaks dyed in
Eye color: Sky Blue
Powers: Super-intelligent (especially in robotics and mechanics), can generate, wield, and absorb electricity
Family: Father (Anthony Gearsworth, villain), Mother (Yukiko Gearsworth, hero, deceased)
Alignment: ???
Costume: Visor, Black trench coat with azure lightning design (underneath: short black top and black arm guards), black pants, & black boots
Personality: Cheerful but quick to anger, clever and fast-thinking, flirty and fun-loving
Hobbies: training, building and repairing machines, surfing the web
Likes: Her family, machinery, sweets, fighting (and committing) crime, music
Dislikes: stupidity, obnoxious noises, insults to her or her family, Fatherboard

Bio:  Since she was a little girl, Jesse wanted to be a hero just like her deceased mother, legendary Japanese hero Yukiko Gearsworth.  She has hardly any memories of her, yet all the stories she ever heard about her convinced her it was the path she wanted to follow.  However her father, industrial multimillionaire and criminal mastermind Anthony Gearsworth, wouldn’t have it.  His wife and his daughter were the most important people in his life; after losing his wife, he wasn’t about to let his daughter follow the same path.  Villains led dangerous lives, he argued, but the life of a hero, valiant and self-sacrificing, was even more dangerous.   But Jesse was a wild stallion of a child, the fiery ambition of her father combined with the selfless compassion of her mother.  So, ignoring the warnings of her father, she began to take down small time criminals in a simple disguise with some of her own inventions.  
Her shot at the big time, however, came from her own tinkering.  When one of her latest robotics experiments decided to rampage through the city, the Titans sprang into action.  But Gearsworth engineering has always been the best, and for a moment it seemed as if the Titans would be unable to best the machine.  But Jesse, determined to put down her rogue robot, appeared just in time to turn the tide.  After expertly shutting the maddened machine down, Jesse explained the situation and apologized to the heroes.  Still, Robin and the others were impressed with her talents and tenacity; they offered her a trial period with the team.  Ecstatic at the offer, she eagerly accepted.  Not wasting any time, Jesse already began to tinker with and improve Titans Tower, and even Cyborg’s car and Robin’s motorbike.  She proved an invaluable and resourceful ally in taking on the Titan’s many enemies.  Still, her own recklessness was about to come back to haunt her.  The robot she had so swiftly stopped was not as shut down as initially believed.  The machine’s intelligence was swiftly expanding at an unprecedented rate, and returned soon in an attempt to turn the city’s technology against it.  The Titans jumped in to find chaos, as machines all around the area began attacking civilians.  Shocked at the evil her A.I. had become capable of, Jesse felt responsible and took it upon herself to bring down the evil intelligence, now calling itself Fatherboard and sporting a sleeker new body.  In a massive final battle, the two traded blow after blow, but it seemed that Jesse’s fragile human body would give under the power of her own creation’s endless endurance.  But, just as she gave up hope, she heard the voice of her mother support and reinvigorate her.  Her soul sparked, and her latent super-powers awakened in a raging lightning storm.  She had inherited her mother’s power over electricity all along, and her emotional battle with Fatherboard awakened those dormant abilities.  With her newfound strength, she fried Fatherboard for what she thought was the last time.
Feeling responsible and guilty, Jesse was prepared for the Titans to kick her off the team.  When they handed her a communicator and asked if she was coming back home with them, it was the happiest moment of her life.  Since that battle however, Fatherboard has returned more than once, each time more intelligent and more hateful of humanity.  Jesse has fought hard to stop him every time, and so far has managed to win.  Jesse has since become a valued member of the Titans team, and has recruited several new heroes personally into the team.  Her father, though he still worries for her and the path she chose, has since accepted and supported her every move.  However, he often makes it hard for the Titans, if only because he cares so much for his daughter.  Though he’d be surprised if he realized how conflicted she really felt.
Since discovering her new powers, Jesse has experimented with them and has sought out to push her limits.  However, it also made her question the decisions she made.  Jesse has since reconsidered forging as strongly ahead as a hero, and her new all-black costume reflects this.  Though she tried to hide her forays into criminal activity from her teammates, the others soon found out who the mysterious new super villain in town was.  Although Robin does not agree, he and the others have accepted that she has trouble deciding what she wants.  She avoids truly being evil (usually committing robberies or messing with superheroes/villains), and is very professional in her crimes, just like her father.  She has, however, immersed herself in super villain society and culture, and when not at home with her father or at Titan Tower, can be found frequenting various criminal joints.  She’s not above using connections, whether good or evil, to fight (or commit) crimes.  Which side she chooses in the end is as good as anyone’s guess, but for now she makes it work.
Here's one of my many OC's, Volt of the Teen Titans:D. I've always enjoyed the whole "El Tigre" take on heroes, but it's actually not used very often:(. Volt has actually evolved over the years, from being just a tech-head to inheriting her mother's powers. Still, Fatherboard is a truly dangerous foe, and really helps to balance her out. Still, I feel like I forgot something, so if you want more information, please let me know. But i've left her open for further change and adventure, so expect to see something involving her sometime later. Who knows:shrug:?

Volt- (c) :iconpersonaking:
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hay she's like us!: Alex
Ya she is 2 faces for the same person : Death
Well, I wouldn't say quite the same....She's not like schizophrenic.....just think El Tigre but a hot chick instead:XD:.

Yea, she really has changed over the years, originally there wasn't much to her or her costume. I've fleshed it out recently. The costume's the most recent change actually^^;.
OH she is is she, :horny: : Alex
She's evil and hot! :horny: : Death
yeah, well, it'd be easier to picture her if I could draw her:depressed:. Or if I knew anything about measurements^^;.
na you gave good discriptions. I've got a good idea of here.
Yeah, well, I think it could still use more detail. But I'm no chick, so i don't know what's too small, normal, or too large for measurements......Damn my lack of knowledge:pissedoff:.
eh all we can do as artist with the word is try and paint a pictiure with our adgetives.
exactly, which is why detail is so important to me:iconpoutplz:.

I've actually got a bunch more Titans laid out, some original, some based on DC heroes, and whatnot. Don't know if I'll ever get to them:shrug:.
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she isreally cool person :D
Yea, she just kinda evolved into it:D. Thanks for the compliment:thanks:
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